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    This time I've got two things that bother me.

    Recently I've registered a domain name by one of the Polish registrars and was trying to setup my own DNS server to easily manage the needed records for my sites.The server is Bind with ISPConfig-I'm using the ISPConfig Virtual Appliance again.After reading this tutorial I've configured Bind thru the ISPConfig web interface without adding an SPF record.Everything went fine but when I try to add this ISPConfig server to my registrar's DNS I get an error telling me that the specified DNS server isn't configured for my domain.
    Port 53 (TCP/UDP) is open on the firewall.I guess that otherwise it wouldn't see the DNS server at all.
    The same domain would go for the DNS server and my websites/mail/ftp.

    Next I've installed MyDNS with MyDNSConfig on Debian Sarge and it's working without any errors.This howto helped me.Now what do I have to do to configure my domain on that server thru the web-interface ?
    After loging in as the admin user I want to add a new zone and I see SOA and some text fields.What would I have to enter here to configure everything right ?

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    Do your domains/hostnames resolve correctly when you run a
    dig @localhost [I]domainname/hostname[/I]

    Take a look here: [​IMG]

    These links might help as well: http://mydns.bboy.net/doc/html/mydns_9.html#SEC9

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  3. Leszek

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    I guess so.
    dig @localhost linux.wloclawek.pl returned this:

    and dig @localhost linux.wloclawek.pl any :

    2) Thanks.I'll take a look.
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  4. falko

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    Looks ok. I think you should ask your registrar why they don't accept your nameserver.
  5. Leszek

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    I already did.They just told me that my dns server isn't configured like it should be without advising what the possible solution could be.
  6. falko

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    Hm... Not very helpful. I'd ask them again. They should at least tell you what the problem is so that we can figure out a solution.

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