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    i registered the domain "mesolt.eu" at a provider let's call 'providerA'. i also rent a dns at another provider - 'providerB'. from providerB i got two ip adresses for primary and secondary dns. i would like to use subdomains of 'mesolt.eu' as alias for these two ip adresses, i.e. 'ns1.mesolt.eu' and 'ns2.mesolt.eu'.
    providerA tells me they could connect the subdomains to the ip-adresses. but i could get in trouble when registering domains because a reverse lookup would show another domainname (not ns1/2.mesolt.eu).

    what can i do to make a reverse lookup show the correct name? should i host the domain mesolt.eu at the dns-provider?

    thx for your help!!
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    Contact Provider B and ask them to change the reverse records.

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