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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Acidut, Sep 6, 2010.

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    I`ve installed centos 5.5 and ISPConfig Version: on a machine and i have some problems.
    I`m trying to move on this server some personal websites but i keep on failing.
    I`ve created the Name Servers using Godaddy
    You could try dig or ping:

    When i go to Add Dns Zone and add a new dns zone like this:

    Domain: thor-hosting.com
    IP Adress:
    NS1: ns1.thor-hosting.com
    NS2: ns2.thor-hosting.com
    Email: [email protected]

    I should be able to visit www.thor-hosting.com or ping it, but i`m not.
    I`ve added new Website too.
    Every website that i add to ispconfig it`s not working.

    I`m using ispconfig for few months now and i never had this problem before. I`m really stucked right now.
    Here are some pictures of some Dns Zones too.

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

    Picture 3

    I also found in Ispconfig Log this error:

    2010-09-06 23:56  	alpha.thor-hosting.com  	Error  	Possible security violation when deleting the maildir: 

  2. till

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    Ispconfig stopped the processing of the config files due to an error. Go to the ispconfig monitor, there you find the error "Possible security violation when deleting the maildir:" in the system log. Klick on the delete button that is on the right side of the error message and then check the log in a few minutes again if there is a new error or if the pending changes had been processed.

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