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    Hello there,

    ISPConfig beta released on Debian 5.0 Lenny.

    I have used the DNS Wizard to create the the ns for mydomain.com.
    I have the following settings.

    A mydomain.com. 11.222.333.22 0
    A mail 11.222.333.22 0
    A www 11.222.333.22 0
    MX mydomain.com. mail.mydomain.com. 10
    NS mydomain.com. ns1.mydomain.com. 0
    NS mydomain.com. ns2.mydomain.com. 0

    Ok here is the question

    Do I need to create ns1 and ns2 type A record to 11.222.333.22?

    I have tried to put ns1.mydomain.com and ip 11.222.333.22 and ns2.mydomain.com and ip 11.222.333.22 on my registrar but it does not work.

    I have also tried to add ns1 type A record to 11.222.333.22 and ns2 type A record to 11.222.333.22 on dns zone from ispconfig and I get ( Error A record Duplicated. )

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