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    Hello all!

    Currently, I am steel looking for a solution

    After a master's server for my DNS with views, I added a slave in my DNS and there is a great problem of security.


    The problem is when the server's master tranfers zones files to the server's slave.

    Explanation :

    I configured 2 DNS servers 1 master and 1 slave.

    I used the views to allow external users to have a limited use of my servers and internal users differents views.

    Everything works fine except that :

    When master is transferring zones files to the slave.

    This happens because the server's slave is multi-site (internal and external views)

    Problem :

    I note that both zones files (for external and internal view), which normally are different in master's server for a domain come together and identical in the two different files names that I gave.

    So after a transfer I optain 2 files identiques, containing the fusion of zone file in internal and external view.


    Master (Fichier1_zone_int, Fichier1_zone_ext) with different contents,
    when I get zone transfer

    Slave(Fichier1_zone_int + Fichier1_zone_ext, Fichier1_zone_int + Fichier1_zone_ext) with the same content.

    Can anyone help me solve this problem?

    If someone from the outside use the slave's server as dns server resolution, the establishment of the views have not served because it has access to all hosts on the LAN.

    because the zone file is merged

    Someone to help me please.
    thank you

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