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    I have ispconfig3 server
    Same machine runs my custom dns and my mail server
    I host multiple domains and sub domains on this machine.

    Just like to keep out some intruder mail from using my domains/subdomain with spf txt .

    What TXT is recommended for hosting server to keep out of trouble?
    I'm after to send mail for all domains (virtual or FQ domains that i host on my server/network) but do not allow to send for no one past that.

    plese let me have the txt spf code and if i should place them in each domain dns txt record or only in my main mail server/domain dns txt record.

    Thank you so much.

    Ispconfig3 is nice tool.
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  3. u4david

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    i di so

    yop. that "link for wizard"was my first resource.

    So each domain will have its own> Check here

    Now how to configure it so the server will be protected but in same time not blocking domains or virtual domains and then each of them have its own protection as well.

    just like to see in nut shell what is that im working with here.

    Will that mean if I limit traffic using txt code> SPF on my "main" domain that runs the mail server that it will affect all the sub-domains and domains there.
    Do I need to add hosted domains them as exceptions on then use SPF options to open the subdomains on the main domain?
    And then each domain and sub-domain hosted on the server with the main domain will have its own SPF that will block any unwanted trafic to them?

    Well i may have something complicated that is fairly easy.

    block all sending
    exception to domains & sub domains I have/host on the server.
    then on each domain have further blocks to block all exception to domain it self .

    is that sounds like this is how it works?

    The fact that i'm setting up the main server with hosted domains jut makes me wonder how it all fits together

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