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Discussion in 'General' started by TonyG, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. TonyG

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    I saved the original DNS Template to name "Original" and, I believe, in 3.2.0 I created a new "Default" template. Now with 3.2.2 I am trying to edit the template and the Save is ignored.

    Edit the template. Save. No errors. /var/log/ispconfig/ispconfig.log shows nothing.
    Edit again. Changes aren't there.

    I gave it some time and when I went in to edit. I could edit in one line at a time and it would save. For example, add in a new A record, save. Add in a new TXT for SPF, save. Add a DMARC record, save. The issue isn't related to syntax, as each line was copied in, and each line worked. The only thing I could guess was that I did ctrl-shift-A to select all text, ctrl-v to paste in new text, and there might have been a hidden character.

    The real issue here is that the record wasn't saved but there was no UI error reported. There was no exception thrown or captured of a failed file or database update.

    At the moment I don't have time to try to reproduce this. I am reporting a lot of errors for other software at the moment. If someone else sees a similar issue, maybe we can nail it down. HTH
  2. Th0m

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    Take a look at the data log history in the monitor module, any changes recorded there?
  3. TonyG

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    I didn't want this thread to look like it's abandoned. Thanks for the response, Th0m - I'll get back to it as time permits.

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