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    Answer is probably starring at me in front of my face.. Though figured I'd ask hoping for a better answer. Anywho, is it possible to "mirror" another servers DNS services ONLY. In other words I don't want to copy the datalog, and create client directories from another one, I want to create email users, etc... All I want to do is mirror a specific server's DNS.. Is that possible?

    Keep in mind this server that is mirror also has its own web services, mail, and everything else like the other server in which its being tasked to mirror its DNS records.... That in mind, if I'm making any sense, is this currently possible?
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    Thats not possible yet, please see bugtracker:


    The solution for my setup is to use two additional virtual machines for ns1 and ns2 which run just bind, a minimal mysql instance and the ispconfig server scripts and where ns2 is configures as slave of ns1 and both are slaves of a master server which controls the other web an mail servers anyway.
  3. nveid

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    Okay.. this looks like it'd be as easy as changing the secondary server's datalog update to something of this manner:
                    $tmp_rec = $app->dbmaster->queryOneRecord("SELECT count(server_id) as number from sys_datalog WHERE datalog_id > " . $conf['last_datalog_id'] . " AND (server_id = " . $conf['server_id'] . " OR server_id = 0 OR dbtable LIKE 'dns%')");
    I'm going to basically use that until I get around to making a more solid solution I guess.

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