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    I purchased the ISPconfig 3 manual and really have tried to work through his myself, but I'm confused about setting up dns the proper way.

    1. Registered a .com name at godaddy for a friend of mine.
    - what do I set the name servers too? Leave it set to theirs and just put in my A records pointing to the ISPConfig server, or do I create name servers like
    ns1.domain.com - IP of ispconfig server
    ns2.domain.com - IP of ispconfig server

    - then setup the zones on the server???

    I'm trying the 2nd one now and it doesn't appear to be working correctly - so some suggestions would really help.

    I have several .com names and can use any of them as ns1. or ns2's I was trying to start with my friends.com

    ns1.variousgraphics.com - (ip of the ispconfig server)
    ns2.variousgraphics.com -

    but I dont think I'm doing this right.

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