DNS setup and other issue.

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    Hey guy, please kindly help me with a few of the issues/questions i'm having.

    First of all, i'm not native English speaker so please forgive any spelling errors!

    So here goes: I used the ubuntu 12.10 apache2 mysql etc tutorial to setup my server.

    My intention are to use the server with one domain. I created a new client and a new site under that new client, was that the way to go?

    I'm having trouble understanding how to setup dns in ISPconfig3. i'm not very familiar with those, although i have successfully configure some over CPanel a few month back. Could someone look over my config, they're not resolving after 24hrs.

    And, since i'm far from being confident of my skills, i'd like to get someone to look over the whole server to see if i missed something before getting into production with it.

    Let's start with those issues / questions for now.

    Thanks for the help


    *If i'm not making any sense, please kindly ask for precision, i'll try to better express myself
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