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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by akaiser, Jan 9, 2007.

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    I'm just a server admin newbie (I have since some months my first dedicated server at hetzner.de) The server has installed Debian 3.1 (with LAMP and IspConfig). Well I still have some problems with DNS config, but I think I will made it.

    The logic is to have separate nameservers and I'm thinking about getting a (very) cheap VPS in the US to host some test sites and the secondary nameserver. Is this a good idea or should I still host primary and secondary nameserver on my dedicated server? Or is there any alternative (I host around 20 domains and even if the Webhost Control Panel is not much used by my clients I want one just as added value for my hosting & design services)

    thanks in advance... :)

    PS: I think there should be no problem installing a master and a slave dns server in both server and duplicate the dns information created by IspConfig on the dedicated server.
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    At least it's better than just having one DNS server. :)
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    ..sure you can have DNS I and DNS II in the same network... although the DNS-testing tools dont like it ;-)
    Since the automated DNS of ISPconfig cannot fulfill all the topologies you will need to add some DNS-entries by hand (this is a reason too because some of the users are having problems to send mail for example).
    Why not simply copy all your files to your DNS II by hand, rename the SOAS (dns1.yourdomain.com to dns2.yourdomain.com) and you are done (of course possible only when you dont have a lot of changes). The master/slave concept WILL fail when you have some kind of a complicated topology in your red..

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