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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rayman, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. rayman

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    Hi I'm ray and could do with some help if its not to much trouble..

    I'm trying to setup bind and host my own domain that I own (boyguls.co.uk) I have a server running a site (racinkids.hopto.org) on a dynamic IP with no-ip.com .

    I need help setting up bind and creating records for zones etc I've tryed using ispconfig but confused myself I've also got webmin but thats confused me too.

    I want to host a site for (boyguls.co.uk) and maybe some sub domains off it too but I'm stuck and confused.

    I belive that I could use racinkids.hopto.org as 1 dns server as it is always available and sign up to a free 1 as a secondary and therefore use them to resolve (boyguls.co.uk) and any subdomains I create..

    is this correct and do you have any idea how to do it as I'm fairly new to hosting and seem to be running round in circles from 1 type of sytem to another and getting nothing done

    thanks ray
  2. Turophile

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    I've looked into the theory behind all this so I hope this is all right (have never needed to do it):

    First of all I'd suggest using DynDns as their dynamic service runs a little faster then no-ip (I don't realy know why, but I used to get update lag with no-ip): www.dyndns.org

    Secondly you'd need two name servers (At least). So using bind you'd create something like two records on dyndns itself and then as name servers:


    You'd then use Bind to manage the information ( an A record back to bgsite.dyndns.org which points to your server ).

    Hopefully that works. The theory is a little obscure and I'm sure the practice is actually harder.
  3. falko

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  4. rayman

    rayman New Member

    cheers guy's

    I now have a domain have changed the nameservers to an external dns provider and he's going to help me either set my router to update the IP or if that doesn't work he's got a client /script for the server that will and he says I can use his system to create subdomains etc so thats all sorted..
    however i would like to learn how to use bind etc and set my own nameserver up if for nothing other than when i do get a static IP sorted i can run my own as at the moment British telecom want £297 to convert me and change contract from residential to business just to get a static IP I may as well use the time left on the contract to get to grips with bind so any tips with regards to records etc would be welcome and i was wondering if its posible for bind to be conected to a database to basically make its own records for zones etc to basically build a large zone based on ever server it contacts sort of like an open source zone of the net that can be passed on to every name server in real time rather than waiting for refreash times it would update as a new record was created or updated as i think in theory anyway it would then be posible for orther linux users to all have direct access to a main nameserver based no-where and yet everywhere at the same time siort of like one big cluster nameserver..?
  5. falko

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    Have a look at the tutorials I linked above.

    That's not possible with BIND, but MyDNS for example stores its records in a MySQL database: http://www.howtoforge.com/mydns_name_server

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