DNS redirect domain to another server when you don't have access to change parent DNS settings.

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by lonerunner, Jan 3, 2019.

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    So i need to transfer some of websites to another server and i don't have access to parent DNS settings in registrant for that domain, so do anyone have solution how can i tell dns that website is on another IP now.

    Let my try to explain in example.

    There is a client website clientweb.tld and it's registered at "Some register llc", now naturally i could login to "Some register llc" and change DNS settings to point to different NS, but i don't have access to that.

    And DNS for that domain is registered on old domain and server
    ns1.olddomain.tld and ns2.olddomain.tld

    Naturally in ISPconfig i can login to ns1.olddomain.tld and set DNS settings for that domain.

    But now i need to switch domain to another server and another server is on different domain and ip, so second server DNS would be
    ns1.newdomain.tld and ns2.newdomain.tld

    A proper way would be to login to "Some register llc" and change DNS settings for that domain but i don't have access for each client register.
    I tried to change all IP's in ISPconfig DNS settings for clientweb.tld so every A and NS records would point out to new server IP and it's been 5 days i waited for changes to propagate but nothing.
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    If you can not change the IP-address domain name resolves to, situation is hopeless. What you can do, however, is make website with that domain name on that IP-address and to HTTP redirect to a new domain name that you can make point to your new server. Look up
    http redirect
    with Internet Search Engines. Then inform visitors the website has a new URL now so you can eventually get rid of this redirect and the old IP-address with website there.
    First thing to do is check the domain is working correctly on your name server. This tutorial
    has chapter on how to test the zone is working correctly. When the info you entered does show up on your own name server, you can start waiting for the name service info to propagate around the Internet.
    This requires that your name servers are authoritative for the domains in question. The domain must be registered and when you query the domain with whois it must show your name servers. For an example, see
    whois howtoforge.com | more
    By the way, IP-Addresses on this line
    are RFC 1918 Private Address Space addresses, and can not be used to traffic over the Internet. So if those your real addresses for name servers, they only work on your Intranet. If, however, those domain names and IP-addresses are just something you used in an example, what is the point in an example with bogus domain names and bogus IP-addresses? How is that kind of an example going to help with anything in this question. Like the tutorial writes in final chapter, helping with name service problems is easy if the actual domain name is known, since the information is public and can be easily examined. Without knowing the domain name, it is just a painful thankless experience to guess what might be the problem.

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