DNS Problem with reverse resolucion

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by binover, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. binover

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    Hi guys, I have a little problem (well isn't little any more), a client said they don't have revers resolution for theirs mails servers. I checked and the server resolves it right:

    ;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN PTR pop3.mdidacticoregional.com.ar. 86400 IN PTR nexion.com.ar. 86400 IN PTR mdidacticoregional.com.ar. 86400 IN PTR ftp.nexion.com.ar. 86400 IN PTR ftp.mdidacticoregional.com.ar. 86400 IN PTR www.nexion.com.ar. 86400 IN PTR www.mdidacticoregional.com.ar. 86400 IN PTR mail.nexion.com.ar. 86400 IN PTR pop3.nexion.com.ar.

    but I checked it in http://pingability.com/zoneinfo.jsp?domain=nexion.com.ar
    and say the domine doen's have reverse resolution... , there isn't revers resolution in other servers than the local. I don't understand what is happending, y chage the serial numbers and steal nothing.

    This only happends in this domine, the others run well.

    any idea?

    The domine is nexion.com.ar, ip, dns
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  3. binover

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    we are the owers of the IP Range
  4. falko

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    What's in your named.conf?

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