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    here is my situation. i was running a standard ubuntu lamp server and had my email trough my registrar. now i have setup a new server with via the ubuntu 8.10 server edition. and installed ispconfig. i have added the Uebimiau mail addon . my registrar had me enter mx records to point my mail to there servers so that i could get my mail before. i only have one mail account with them. and if i understand this, please correct me if i am wrong, but my machine should be able to handle my mail and the mail of other users. i e., my customers. what should my mx records look like now. MX 10 ???????.somedomain.net. would i be correct just to put in there MX 10 myserver.somedomain.net, i dont really know how to use mx records.

    also all domain traffic is sent to my server first through my registrar, then the mail is pointed back to them.

    thanks in advance,

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    An MX record to myserver.somedomain.net is fine, just make sure that you also have a DNS A-Record for myserver.somedomain.net pointing to the IP address of your server.

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