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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by incxbxs, May 11, 2013.

  1. incxbxs

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    Hello, i'm trying to use Microsoft live admin mail service, in order to that i should add 2 MX record as follows:

    MX ***.com *****.pamx1.hotmail.com 10 3600

    MX ***.com ******.msv1.invalid 20 3600

    I added them and check from dns lookups, but still it says no MX records found.

    Anyone has idea what could be the problem is?

  2. tahunasky

    tahunasky New Member

    Do you have a full stop after the domain names as below ?

    MS domain.com. mail1.domain.com. 10 3600
    MS domain.com. mail2.domain.com. 20 3600

    then you need an A record like:

    A mail1 0 3600
    A mail2 0 3600
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  3. incxbxs

    incxbxs New Member

    Here is the full configuration:


    This configuration worked for one of my domain from domain provider dns servers. But when i try to set it up on my own dns server via ispconfig3 it didnot.
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  4. tahunasky

    tahunasky New Member

    Just looking at your setup quickly, there is no full-stop [.] after your CNAME record, or the msv1.invalid domains.

    You also dont have an NS A record if it is pointing to the domain that is hosted locally. What IP address is ns1 and ns2 pointing to eg:

    A ns1 0 3600
    A ns2 0 3600

    Here is what i do:

    A mydomain.co.nz. 0 3600
    A ns1 0 3600
    A ns2 0 3600
    A mail2 0 3600
    CNAME cloud mydomain.co.nz. 0 3600
    CNAME mail mydomain.co.nz. 0 3600
    CNAME www mydomain.co.nz. 0 3600
    MX mydomain.co.nz. mail.mydomain.co.nz. 10 3600
    MX mydomain.co.nz. mail2.mydomain.co.nz. 20 3600
    NS mydomain.co.nz. ns1.mydomain.co.nz. 0 3600
    NS mydomain.co.nz. ns2.mydomain.co.nz. 0 3600

    Just replace with your WAN IP address.
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  5. incxbxs

    incxbxs New Member

    Thanks, it works fine now.

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