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  1. Is it possible to hide the dns module in the top menu only for client?

    I set quota 0 for customers to modify, so there is no point in showing up. I want only admins to be able to use it.
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  3. In this case, this is different.

    The link you sent is about disabling the sending of support messages in the client interface.
    What I would like now is to hide the top menu called DNS only for the client.
    I had already asked DNS once so that the client would not modify the domain. Since the quota settings for the DNS-related user are all set to 0, I would like to hide this item.
    Maybe it's just in the code because I already looked for the system and I didn't find anything.
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    It does not matter how a module is named, the way to disable it is always the same. See post #3 of the thread I linked to above.
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  5. Thank you always for your help. I solved the problem.

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