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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wammy28, Oct 5, 2009.

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    Dear all
    I had installed ISPconfig 3 with CentOS 5.3 x64. Everything works fine with no any error. :)
    However, I have some problems with DNS which I can't solve after I did some reseachs in this forum for a while. Here are my problems.

    1. Do I have to make NS DNS record eg. ns1.test.com and point it to my server IP address with my DNS provider control panel?

    2. I have to change my DNS provider address to my server (ns1.test.com). Is it correct?

    3. DNS function of ISPconfig will automatically active if I point my DNS address to my server IP(ns1.test.com), won't it?

    If I understand correctly, subdomain will be avaialble after all above steps.

    Thanks in advance!!:D
  2. till

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    1) Yes. But thats not a NS record, you have to create a DNS A-Record for ns1.test.com pointing to the IP of your server.

    2) If you want to use your own dns server, then yes.

    3) Neither nor. There is nothing to be activated. You run a DNS server if you followed the perfect setup guide, if you want to use it for a specific domain name, you have to create DNS records for this domain name on your server by using the DNS management module of ISPConfig.

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