DNS/gateway config question running smoothwall w/suse server

Discussion in 'Technical' started by riggs, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. riggs

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    Ok so while I am new to linux I do understand the basics about networking. That said, does anyone have any idea why I am unable to get the network connection working?

    Running smoothwall

    orange -
    red- dhcp from qwest router currently
    purple -
    green -

    standard 4 interface install with smoothwall all other networks work fine, I am currently going through the 'perfect server suse 9.3' tutorial using suse 10.0 I tried to run the internet connection wizard and it cannot connect to the update database on the orange interface.

    I switch it to the green and it works fine, I'm assuming this is a smoothwall issue but it says connections from orange interface are allowed and since it works on the green I'm at a loss.

    on green - suse box ip= gateway= dns ---works (switched cables to run through green interface)

    on orange - suse box ip= gateway= dns ---does not work (put cable to orange interface on smoothwall box)

    since this is a server running in a dmz i get that i can't talk to it from the green interface but is there something i'm missing here?

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  2. falko

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    Can you ping outside IP addresses from orange (e.g.
    ping -c2
    )? If so, it is probably a DNS issue, and you'd have to use different nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf.
  3. riggs

    riggs New Member


    Well I discovered 2 things while fixing this problem:

    1. Smoothwall will probe, find, and assign a driver to a nic card that is not supported lol

    2. The DNS information you enter must be your ISPs DNS not your smoothwall box interface port from the orange interface.

    I bought 3 brand new nics for another project and just grabbed one for addition of the orange interface which lit up and was found by smoothwall but i could not ping it from anywhere or ping from it to anywhere so i swapped it with another nic this one probed and loaded a driver but did not even light up! The last one probed, installed, lit up and could ping from it and I'm online updating now :)

    I found out that if you need to install drivers for nics on a smoothwall you need to be using the developers version of the box or compile the binary on another fully set up 2.6 kernel then port the binary over to the box... what a pain!

    Hope this helps someone save some time!

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