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    Hi linux gurus. I have a complete DNS server with primary and secondary server. Everthing works, glue, dns zones etc.

    Now I dont know how it will works for internal PCs as a DNS. I want to use my server DNS for our clients, we are the Internet provider.

    What I must do on DNS servers? Is there some additional settings for this?

    If I am in the network of our company and define on my PC the ips of dns server it work. And if i do the same at home with connection from other company then it not work. I am wondering if is possible to work from everywere?

    Thanks for reply, and sorry for my english.
  2. Ripeed

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    Any one?

    I tried now set the DNS IPs to my PC and only websites on the server works. (wokrs that translation from IP to domain name)

    Pls What I must change on server to work like local DNS server for internet provider with own IP C adresses?

    Thanks for reply.
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    If you are using debian/ubuntu edit your /etc/bind/named.conf.options and add:
    acl "trusted" {

    Then inside options {
    allow-query { trusted; };
    Change with your ip range, single ip...

    Reload bind

  4. Ripeed

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    Thanks that works. BUT! If I do that than websites stored on this server are from world unavailable. From IP from trusted are ok.

    How can fix this?

    THX for help.

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