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    Just a follow up, concerning my attempt to establish a secondary name server using two ISPConfig equipped servers injunction with the "HowTo" depicted at http://www.howtoforge.com/ispconfig_dns_godaddy ; my failure was attempting to costume fit this HowTo without fully understanding the mechanics of the DNS. My first mistake was to setup a standalone name server ( using BIND9 ) as a secondary name server, because the primary name server on ISPConfig doesn't allow manual changes to its local BIND9 name.conf file; necessary for allow-transfer script addition, needed for zone transfer to secondary name server. My second mistake is a chicken or the egg faux-pas, where I attempted to use datacell.us as both the SOA and PTR for NS1 / NS2 .datacell.us simultaneously. My third mistake was my failure to officially transfer authority from GoDaddy's name servers to my own, though under the circumstance would have been impossible.
    So, I needed to follow the "HowTo" verbatium, no deviation, even down to the folders the DNS record exist in in the ISPConfig c panel DNS Manager Tab. Also only two A records can exist during the "HowTo" setup; www and mail respectively.

    The perequist:
    a.) 2 ip addresses
    b.) 2 unquie domain names
    c.) 2 ISPConfig servers
    d.) my experience, it must be a clean install, in so far that the DNS Manager: DNS Entry must stripped to 2 A records 'www' and 'mail' with only one mx record for mail.mydomain.tld. Also, no preexisting cname, SPF records or transfer of authority will fail ( they must be removed ).
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