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    I have a server setup using the following :
    ns1.hosting.com = mail,web,dns,file,db server
    ns2.hosting.com = dns server
    hosting.com is my domain and have some clients on the servers client1.com, client2.com etc

    my mail server is setup as mail.hosting.com and my MX record as follow :
    MX hosting.com. mail.hosting.com. 10 3600
    DKIM setup, added DMARC record and SPF as follow : v=spf1 mx a ~all
    *Note made a sub domain mail.hosting.com enabled SSL and lets-encrypt and use cert in postfix and dovecot

    Q1 Should my client mx records be
    MX client1.com. mail.hosting.com. 10 3600 or MX client1.com. mail.client1.com. 10 3600 ?????

    Q2 should you setup DKIM,DMARC for clients aswell

    Q3 SOA record on DNS according to RFC 1912 recommends 1209600 - 2419200 seconds (14-28 days) for expiry time why does ispconfig use default 604800 ?

    Q4 My SOA serial points to future date i setup ntp before installing ISPconfig as follow : apt-get -y install ntp ???? any help ????

    Thanks in advance :)
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