DNS creates zones with .ERR extension

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sharkutz, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. sharkutz

    sharkutz New Member

    I'm trying to create a DNS Zone with ISPConfig to work in LAN.
    Router ip
    Laptop (win7)
    Server IP / Hostname : mail.neoziv.com
    I want to access my neoziv.com locally without entering in the browser and not modifying the HOST file on the win Pc.

    I've created a dns Zone with these parameters but it creates a .ERR file in /etc/bind

    server name : mail.neoziv.com
    client -
    domain: neoziv.com
    Ip :
    ns1 : ns1.neoziv.com
    ns2 : ns2.neoziv.com
    email: [email protected] (real)

    Can it be a problem that the server name is mail.neoziv.com?

    P.s I've tried a local with a local domain (intranet.local) still doesn't work.

    Thank you for your support.
  2. MrWolf

    MrWolf Member

  3. sharkutz

    sharkutz New Member

    Hi ,
    I added ns1 and ns2, hosts and A records for them.
    I've tried to setup the dns in Ispconfig with the local IP ( and with the public ip (94.52.....) but doesn't work .
    I made new domain shop.neoziv.com , I don;t get the .ERR extension but can't access locally .

    Any Ideas .... ? I don't know how ISP create the zone files but there are no forwarders, no reverse lookup .... and I'm afraid that if i do it directly on the server ISPC will not work properly.

    Any insights ?

    Thank you
  4. MrWolf

    MrWolf Member

    in the dns of your server (System -> Server Config -> Server)

    do you have your own server in the nameservers?

    I had this problem and when I add my own server in the nameserver field, it start working
  5. stevenlib

    stevenlib New Member

    No luck


    I tried that but no, still get the .err message that says missing A record.
    I've posted my issues here:

    The DNS is the foundation for web hosting, I wonder why there is no clear cut step by step and requirements list to set it up properly.

    I have to use a work around now (after 3 days of trying tons of combinations of tests). This work around is basically to run seperate DNS servers for our service domain, the domain used to handle all clients ns records.

  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    See perfect setup guide for the base setup and ispconfig manual for detailed instrctions on how to setup the zone.

    There is no workarouns nescessary, all you have to do is to ensure that you added "a-records" for the ns records of the service domain in the zone and that you add glue records at the domain registry. There is a nice wikipedia article about glue records.

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