DNS Config Confusion??

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Jeremy007, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Jeremy007

    Jeremy007 Member

    Hey Guys,

    My problem : I can't seem to get my custom nameservers working properly.

    I have search the web and these forums but can't seem to get my current setup working properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If possible and fair rated i am willing to pay for support. I will try to explain as best i can.

    Currently my setup goes :

    Registrar Setup :
    myhostingcomp.com :
    nameservers : ns1.digitalocean.com
    : ns2.digitalocean.com
    newsite.com :
    nameservers : ns1.myhostingcomp.com
    : ns2.myhostingcomp.com panel server - partial - ispconfig interface only server 1 - complete - (web,mail,dns,db...) server 2 - complete - (web,mail,dns,db...)

    DigitalO Setup records :
    a : myhostingcomp.com :
    a : ns1.myhostingcomp.com :
    a : ns2.myhostingcomp.com :
    a : panel.myhostingcomp.com :
    ns : ns1.digitalocean.com
    ns : ns2.digitalocean.com

    Ispconfig Setup :
    Dns zone for newsite.com
    server : server 2
    a : newsite.com :
    ns : ns1.myhostingcomp.com
    ns : ns2.myhostingcomp.com

    Site for newsite.com is also setup

    If i mod my hosts file to point to, the site work perfectly, so it seems the problem has to do with my dns settings or propagation?
  2. Ghostdare

    Ghostdare Member

    I understand that you want to have your own NameServers, yes? Not thouse from GoDaddy. It can be done, but after any modifications in DNS regarding the NS you should wait 48 hours or more, just to propagete all over the Internet.
  3. Jeremy007

    Jeremy007 Member

    @Ghostdare : Thanks for the reply. I actually did wait 24 hours but maybe it can take a bit longer i guess. Two of my other websites are actually working properly but still not fully propagated (weird), their name servers were updated about a week or two ago. I update one of my sites about four days ago, it works dependent upon my pc's DNS settings so i really think it has to do with propagation.

    Maybe my nameservers are not properly setup?
  4. Ghostdare

    Ghostdare Member

    Sorry for reply after this long time, busy and stuff. Did you manage to fix your problem?
  5. Jeremy007

    Jeremy007 Member

    Actually i did get it resolved, it might have had to do with propagation but i also made a few changes between but not too sure if they had any effect on getting it working

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