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    Noble friends I'm trying to do four days registro.br (Brazil) recognize the dns in ispconfig 3.

    The installation was perfect ispconfig3

    Following settings:

    I created three customers.
    I added a domain for each client - all domains registered.
    I added the second ip on the interface of ispconfig3.

    When I add the DNS for the domains that are not recognized.

    The ispconfig 2 is valid static ips on eth0.

    The operator set up the reverse dns name with pinhaistelecom.com.br

    hostname of the server: server1.pinhaistelecom.com.br

    Reverse configured by the operator: pinhaistelecom.com.br

    ns1.pinhaistelecom.com.br> Unrecognized
    ns2.pinhaistelecom.com.br> Unrecognized

    The domains:


    I'm going crazy I do not know what to do.

    Someone could help me.

    Imagens Abaixo.

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