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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by coe_pal, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. coe_pal

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    i am a little bit confused :confused: :confused: with the dns server. i followed the traditional dns how to, i edited my named.conf put the information based on the traditional how to, created my zone files and reveresed files. by the way on my named.conf files i did not erased the following zone localdomain.zone, localhost.zone, named.broadcast, named.zero. and then when i dig my ip address it shows the questions which contains the ip address and on te answer question it shows the reversed address and the ptr. at the time of my installation i cannot dig the hostname because it is not pointing to my box yet (the tld is still parked to the registry and i am using the ip address for my testing), because my boss want me to finished the set-up first before he can changed everything in the registry.
    can you enlighten me with the dns. did i made a right moved on my configuration? right now i formated the linux box. maybe if i can get an answer with you i will still insist to use the linux box as our dns server. thank you very much.......
  2. falko

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    For now you can add the hostname to the hosts file (/etc/hosts) until you change it in DNS.
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    thanks falko.....

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