DKIM Signing with Amavis

Discussion in 'General' started by tal56, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. tal56

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    Hi guys. Hope someone with better understanding of amavis and dkim can help me out.
    I have have amavis installed, however it does not seem to be dkim signing the outgoing emails from my hosted domains. I really only have 2 right now, but they run forums that send out mail using phpmail().

    I'm not sure if it's cuz I don't have a key installed, as when I do showkeys this is my output :
    [email protected]:~# amavisd-new showkeys
    No DKIM private keys declared in a config file.
    If this is the likely issue, how can I generate a key for dkim?
    I have found this :
    $ amavisd genrsa /var/db/dkim/example-foo.key.pem
    But wasn't sure which is the best folder to install the new key. As there may be one specific for Ispconfig.

    This is the DKIM portion of my /etc/amavis/conf.d/50-user file
    # DKIM
    $enable_dkim_verification = 1;
    $enable_dkim_signing = 1; # load DKIM signing code
    $signed_header_fields{'received'} = 0;  # turn off signing of Received
    @dkim_signature_options_bysender_maps = (
    { '.' => { ttl => 21*24*3600, c => 'relaxed/simple' } } );
    Or also I'm not sure if NOT running my own nameserver is an issue, as I use Enom name servers and just set the "a" record to my server ip address. Would this affect it?

    I am Running newest Debian 8 with all updates and newest Ispconfig.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  2. florian030

    florian030 ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Do not change anything in amavis. Just enable DKIM for a maildomain and publish the generated public-key
  3. tal56

    tal56 Member

    Thanks for replying florian030, appreciate it. It was exactly as you said, and I just didn't know that step was necessary since I was able to send emails without having the maildomain setup.

    For future reference for anyone else that may find this from search, I created the mail domain and dkim as florian030 says, but since I'm using an external nameserver, I had to go to my registar and add a new text record with host of "default._domainkey" type "txt" and the address box "<my domain key>". Which my domain key is dns record from ispconfig starting at the "v=DKIM1...

    Hope that can help someone in the future, and thanks again florian030.

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