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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by patopattone, Oct 25, 2018.

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    Hi howtoforge guys!!! First of all english is no my language so... sorry if I have errors in my text.
    I have a server runing debian jessie 8.11 and ISPConfig 3.1.12 with a few domains. (Apache2, BIND, Dovecot, postfix, etc) I'd setup dkim records for all domains directly from the ispconfig interface a few weeks ago and where running everything ok until today. One of my domain suddenly begans to fail dkim signature. The domain that fails is my principal domain. I dont know why, because I hadn't make any configuration change.
    any ideas??? I'm newbie in dkim records
    Thanks in advance
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    UPDATE: Debugging DKIM records with this guide I had found that the output of
    amavisd-new testkeys 
    (verifies the in the DNS registered public key against the locally stored private key) tells me
    Googlig that output found a post with a similar problem and it says that is a bug of version 3.1.12.
    Tonight I'm going to update ISPConfig. I hope that will solve my problem!! Tomorrow I will tell you.

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