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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by smokinjo, Feb 18, 2019.

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    I was trying to find ways to reduce the number of bouncing emails and I heard fo the DKIM recently.
    I also, by accident, found DKIM configuration settings in ISPConfig last night.

    I was reading over the manual and DKIM seems ot be simple to set up.

    I go under email, domains and choose a domain.
    From there I click on the DKIM button.
    I am then presented with an enable button. I can then generate the public and private keys.
    According to the manual, the DKIM selector remain at default.

    Is this it? AS simple as that?

    I ask, because that in the manual, page 246, there is another mentioning of the DKIM, under the DNS section this time. But, when I read it over, this is just a display of the information created in the DKIM key generation. Except for the TTL setting. It seems to be able to be changed. But, do I want to touch this?

    Thanks for your comments.

  2. florian030

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    if you run your own dns with ispconfig, just enabled dkim and create the keys.
    if you use an external dns, import the shown settings for the dns
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  3. smokinjo

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    I am not using ISPConfig for my DNS. So, you say that I need to import the shown settings for the DNS.

    When I activate the DKIM option, I am welc omed by two field thatr needs ot be fille dout:

    DKIM Private-key

    Thee is a button that generates both if needed.

    YOu suggest to import the settings for the DNS.

    This comes from where and is put where? In the DNS record setting?
    As for the DKIM private key. this is generated how?


  4. Taleman

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    Press the button to generate the DKIM keys. Then cut and paste them to your DNS configuration.
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