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    as i noticed for this domain in ispconfig3 the DKIM check fails*.
    *tested here: domain: selector: default
    & with host:

    Also attached the dns records.
    I believe there is an issue with the - character of the domain and the most relevant topic i found was this one:

    Other domains are ok with dkim check on the server of course.
    So do you have anything in mind to suggest?


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  2. manoaratefy

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    I have a domain name with a hyphen which works fine with ISPConfig and DKIM. I made DNS record lookup for and I see that your record default._domainkey is a CNAME, not a TXT.
    So, remove this CNAME record and put a TXT record with the correct DKIM public key. If you already have a TXT record, then you may just need to waitt for DNS propagation.
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  3. Lionheart82

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    Hello thank you for the answer and your time.
    You are right of course... It the dns setup is not in the isp panel but in the dns provider ... what can i say lol :)
    So everything is ok...

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