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    Please help!

    I have server running ISPConfig.
    And we have black listed because of spam.
    But we fixed it.
    And servers ip adresss is no more in any black list.

    But google servers still rejects mails from our server.

    We have SPF record, but no DKIM.

    How can I install DKIM on ISPConfig on 12.04 Ubuntu?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Dkim is normally not required for a whitelisting. You can install dkim of course, but this will most likely not change anything reagrding your blacklisting.

    Dkim installation instructions for Denain are in the iSPConfig FAQ, the installation for Ubuntu should be similar.

    Have you contacted google about a whitelisting and have they responded to you that you are already whitelisted?

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    Sorry for dummy question, but how can I contact google about a whitelisting?

    Thanks in advance!

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