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Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by zcworld, Feb 14, 2011.

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    hi all
    as you can see i like my diskless systems at the time
    and working on an sub diskless system , i got most of that nutted out in my head, just need to write it , before i post it

    also , im working on setting up centos 5.4 as an diskless node
    than sub projects under that will be an video sharing site(sub diskless)
    and fully Diskless web server / mysql

    and thinking of maybe doing like diskless myth tv backend server and front end normal diksless system

    but time will tell, how much work i will do on this subject, due to trying to find an nice cluster system that is good

    i got / testing out at the time, glusterOS

    but i got problems with it, when you add new HDD, they dont show up, and using the normal gluster , it hard without an web interface to admin the system,

    i love to see some addon for it like and striped and mirrored.... so you can have like 4 servers, and an front end

    i will get around doing an audio file , talking more about what im meaning... and so on

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