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    we heavily use the API in order to automatize some operations on the control panel. For example enable/disable services.
    In order to enable/disable the website we use the method: sites_web_domain_set_status
    This method, update the website status on the main interface (active or inactive based on what you want to do) and insert in the job queue the correct job to active/inactive the website on the slave server.
    But for others services like mail and dns, we use the method:


    on this method it's look like that the only actions that they made is update the status on the interface, but no job is included on the job queue. So no activation/inactivation is do for real on the slave server. Can you confirm that or i'm going to wrong something?

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    I never used any status methods from API, I always use the _update methods which can be used to activate and deactivate a service.
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    got it. maybe the _status method are missing something. now changed with _update and they are worked as expected.

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