Directory structure of clients and corresponding permissions

Discussion in 'General' started by aiRness, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Hello. I have a question about the directory structure of a client.

    I've created a "client" and a "site" and the corresponding directory layout is /var/www/clients/client1/web1. The permissions of the files are web1 as owner and client1 as group. Now, when I'm creating an ftp/ssh account the owner becomes the client's username, that is [CLIENTNAME] and what the user desires from the empty field. The client1 when connects via ssh it sees as owner his username, but via ftp it sees web1. Is this some sort of mapping that the ftp is using? Is it possible that the /etc/passwd file undesirable entries?

    Another question. Let's say I'm having 5 sites in my "site" panel. If I'm going to delete the 5th and create a new one, I'don't get an id of 5, but the next value (6). If I'm keep deleting the last entry for example, the id value will still be increased for the newly created site. Why?

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    Also let me add this. This happened after I logged in with the ssh account of the 4th client (this happens with all clients btw):

    I have 3 clients with the respective web id's. My 4th client has webid 10 and *only* him has as an owner his username, the first three have their webid's. As mentioned above, when I logged via ssh with the other client accounts, the owner changed back to username from webid.

    Thanks again.

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