Direction Over Quota mail to reseller.

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    Redirection of Over Quota mail to reseller.


    I've had a look though some of the older posts and can't see the answer to my problem.

    In my ISPconfig set up. I have Reseller and then he has one client.
    I have given the reseller 512 Mb of Diskspace.

    The client has created two sites and allocated

    15Mb to site_1
    35Mb to site_2

    Each day I receive a mail
    Subject: Some Users/Groups Are Near Or Already Over Their Quota Limit On Server

    The following groups are near or already over their quota limit on server example.tld:

    Group: site_1
    Used Storage Space: 12.94 MB
    Allocated Storage Space: 15.00 MB

    This mail needs to go to the Reseller IMHO.

    I've hunted though the configuration but can't see how I can direct the mail to the reseller.

    It's not like the reseller is short of space but he won't know about the quota issue unless I tell him.

    Is there a way to direct this mai lto the reseller?

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    No, there is no such function available. You will have to write it if you need it or post a feature request and someone else might write it.

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