Difference between Konsole and Terminal

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sriramraj, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. sriramraj

    sriramraj New Member

    Sorry, I think there are experts in Linux in this forum. I have three years experience in Linux.

    One thing I always have doubt. What is the difference between Konsole and terminal in Linux.

    I have written some good articles on Operating Sytem Tips but this question is still open for me
  2. uniquerockrz

    uniquerockrz New Member

    I think terminal is known as Konsole in KDE
  3. sriramraj

    sriramraj New Member


    Nope, It is not the case. I am talking about fedora linux and in systems tab we have konsole and terminal
  4. blackandlonely

    blackandlonely New Member

    Konsole is the KDE terminal program
    Gnome-terminal is the Gnome terminal program

    Konsole supports printing and a few other features that Gnome-terminal doesn't

    Both are available in Dapper or Edgy by running sudo apt-get install konsole

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