DHCP using HA load balancer (LVS) cluster?

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  1. paralikar

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    We have a requirement of redundant DHCP server with load balancing. But the restriction is, our BRAS only accepts only single DHCP server IP. Which makes the DHCP Primary/Secondary setup unfit here.

    I am planning to use two DHCP servers with HA Load Balancer (LVS) cluster setup. That is, 2 nodes with heartbeat and LVS & 2 DHCP server nodes.

    - Is it possible?
    - Can the load be balanced between 2 DHCP servers using LVS?
    - How do we monitor the DHCP service for failover using Ldirector/LVS?
    - Can more nodes be added horizontally behind the LB (LVS) if required?

    Please help.

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