device audio sound output frequency equalizer [ EQ ]

Discussion in 'Technical' started by jsabarese, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. jsabarese

    jsabarese New Member

    seeking method for sound output customization, /outside/ of any specific audio media player.

    specifically, wish for ability to modify sound output frequency equalization, commonly known as "EQ", or "equalizer"

    For example, using a "bare bones" XMMS2 client, i wish to adjust "EQ" settings. let us assume the client does neither afford user with built-in EQ adjustment, nor does it support "plug-in" such that user might /config/ client to do so.
  2. sarahjoe

    sarahjoe New Member

    I have ubuntu with (according to apt latest version) apache 2.12. How can I upgrade to 2.17 or 2.3?

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