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    My Mandriva 2007 Free server is now running with ISPConfig.

    I installed this server to work like a development server. I want to create as many sites as necessary, with just as many MySQL databases. But the problem I have is that I don't have to use domains, because it's all accessed locally. The server is running inside my home network.

    So what I want is to create new sites within ISPConfig, that are accessible using the following format: http://[serverip]/[webfolder] eg.
    I want to get FTP-access to this folder, to upload for example the Drupal files. And PHPMyAdmin to access the corresponding database.

    Is this possible within ISPConfig, and how do I create it (What info to include at New Site?)?
    The documentation only covers sites using domains. But my sites won't be connected to a DNS-server?

    ps. I ran the standard ISPConfig, so my sites will be published in /home/www? Can this still be reversed to /var/www?
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    You cant access sites in ISPConfig this way.
    The way I use it is to add the development domains to the hosts file of my workstation.


    create a website:

    then add a line like this to the hosts file on your (windows / linux / MacOS) workstation:

    Now you will be able to access the website in your browser as

    The default is /var/www in the current ISPConfig releases.
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