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    im having some problems... would you mind to help me... my problem is write a program that should prompt the user to enter account number and the time service( start and end) was used (use the 24 hour clock format).

    the questions:1. Any call started after 23 and 6 am is entitled to a 50% discount

    2. call started after 6:00 am but before 11:00p.m (23) is charged full price

    3. regular rate is 7.50 per minutes

    4. any call longer than 60minutes receive another 15% discount(after any other discount is subtracted but before tax is added . please help.. my programs have many problems.. please help

    m using dev c++ compiler so i would like to do it in c++:
    the output is
    account number : 99
    time starts (hh) : 23
    time start (mm) :15

    time end (hh) :01
    time end (mm):45
    account #:99
    call time start: 23:15
    call time end : 01:45
    total minutes :150
    total amount due: 150 x7.50 = 1125
    total discount : 65%
    amount after discount: 393.75 x 006 (tax)= 370. 125
    net amount due: 370.125
  2. santi26

    santi26 New Member

    please include the formula to get the discount and the given type of user..... its hard for me because im just only a beginner.. please help me to answer hte c++ problem.

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