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    This has always been a headache for me. I guess I am just used to the windows device manager that list all* hardware and flags what is not installed. Where as linux, it just doesn't is the problem.

    on my old laptop, everything (but the wireless) detected and installed with no problems, video, sound, even USB devices plug and play with no problem. I learned the wonderful world of ndiswrapper and got the wireless to work.

    on the new laptop however, no sound and no wireless. (see link below for the lspci and lsusb reports) no only did the wireless device not install, but it doen't even show up in the network manager, only the "Marvell" ethernet adapter shows up.

    As for the sound, it loaded a driver (I think) but I have no sound.

    any help to get me on the right track, would be appreciated.

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