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Discussion in 'General' started by VHS, Feb 22, 2018.

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    today I was "talking" with a developer that was using the "private" folder to put images inside.
    I tried to explain that the "private" folder is a system folder and that inside of this folder, they only should to put a "private" files (like a SSL private key). But, they asked me, where is the description of all the folders inside of /var/www/clientX/ and what is the correct use of it ??


    I know (or I supose to know) by the name, what is the function of each folder... but, I cant find any documentation about it.

    Can anyone give me a URL/documentation where explain the correct use of this folders ???

    thanks and attentive
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    He can put images in private, that's completely fine. Private just means that it's unreachable by http. There is no further documentation of the folders as their names are mostly self explaining:

    cgi-bin: CGI files
    log: The log files of the site
    private: Files that shall not be accessible by http.
    ssl: SSL certs managed by ISPConfig
    tmp: Temporary fils
    web: The website, content of this folder is shown when you open the URL of the site in a browser.
    webdav: The webdav share.

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