Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC) Alert E-mails Setup

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    I have two hardware nodes, call them HW1 and HW2. Inside HW1 I have installed five virtual servers, one for mail, two name servers, and two web/db servers. HW1 has the primary ISPConfig CP installed in it.

    HW1 OS: CentOS 6.4
    HW2 OS: CentOS 6.4
    Virtual OS: Debian Squeeze
    ISPConfig 3: v3.0.5.2

    HW2 has three servers, one that is a combo server with mail, web, and db. The other two are name servers.

    HW1 has a DRAC installed, and I have been trying to get alerts working. What I would like to do is to have the DRAC send email alerts through my mail server on HW2. This way, if HW1 goes down, I will still get the alert.

    Is there a secure way to allow my DRAC to send emails through my mail server on HW2?

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    Just in case someone finds this post way down the road, and wants to have their DRAC send emails through one of their mail servers, here is the answer:

    Modify your file in /etc/postfix. On the mynetworks line include the IP address for the DRAC.
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