"Delivery temporarily suspended" after several days

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by geekonthepc, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. geekonthepc

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    Hi there,

    I'm new here so apologies for any errors or anything like that. In any case, I've been running a VPS with ISPConfig (latest version) for a couple of years now and generally all has been fine.

    However, in recent months, postfix and dovecot have been causing headaches and I can't get to the bottom of why this keeps happening.

    When starting up the server, all works fine - messages are sent and received no problem at all. However, after a set period of time (the trend is usually around 7 days), messages will no longer be delivered to mailboxes and just end up waiting in the mail queue. Mail will also not be sent out from accounts.

    No errors appear from a user's point of view - they can still log into their accounts and use send/receive functions but nothing will go in or out.

    I've looked in my mail queue and the general message is "delivery temporarily suspended".

    I've tried restarting both dovecot and postfix through SSH and this doesn't appear to resolve the problem - however if I reboot the server completely everything returns to normal and delivery resumes (the server generally catches up with any lost mail).

    Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and might be able to suggest what I can do?

    The only major concern I have at the moment is that when I restart dovecot and postfix, I do get warnings for obsolete parameters which I'm guessing means my config files are out of date. I will update them if I have to but am concerned that could go painfully wrong if I don't implement new parameters correctly.

    Any suggestions are gratefully received.

    Many thanks

  2. geekonthepc

    geekonthepc New Member

    I've just realised that when email goes down, ISPConfig reports FTP has gone down too. Strange coincidence?
  3. Quaxth

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    Hi, maybe a temporary solution would be to set the server to auto reboot.

    I'm not sure that would be possible, I'm not Linux savy at all! I only know that you could set the server to reboot after some time of used. If that is possible, your problem would be solved for the time being.

    On the other hand, if the server stops delivery mails every few days, there's maybe a problem in some of the config files. Or there's is an cron job which forced the Stop?!

    Again, I'm not Linux savy and that's jiust a guess.

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