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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by FrozenPixel, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. FrozenPixel

    FrozenPixel New Member

    If I'm using ' 'Webmin' to manage my Debian server, from my PC, would deleting a user, completelydelete the users home directory too? I'm having a problem with certain users profiles. Our Debian server is allowing access to approx. 30 windows users and during the class instruction when we take the clients to some websites they are not displaying exactly the same, some clients are missing navigation bars on the website and the page displays an error. When I log out of the account and log in under an account that shows the site perfectly, it works, so basically eliminating that its a hardware issue and indeed a user profile problem. Seems to be an Active X navigational toolbar on this site.

    So I'm hoping if I can delete everything about the bad user, then just recreate the user again, hoping it will take care of the problem. It would really help because these are brand new computer users and as soon as there is a bobble, they freak out.

  2. xrayolc

    xrayolc New Member

    i'm not sure what webmin does when deleting users. but youcan login as root and use deluser.

    deluser [--remove-home] [--remove-all-files]

    choose one of these optionsto remove the user with his homedirectory or with all files owned by him.
  3. FrozenPixel

    FrozenPixel New Member

    So lets the say the user was 'user01'.

    So would I go -

    userdel user01 --remove-home


    userdel user01 --remove-all-files

    or is it

    userdel -r user01

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  4. xrayolc

    xrayolc New Member

    all three options should work, it depends on what kind of related files you wanna delete beside the user.

    easiest and safest way should be option 1 (--remove-home) what will "just" remove the user and his home-directory. recheck the man page to see all options.
  5. FrozenPixel

    FrozenPixel New Member

    Well I tried the command,

    userdel -r username

    And it did work, removing the home directory but didn't resolve my initial problem. There must be some residual Samba profile that still remains and thats where the problem may lie. I'm so use to Windows that I don't know how to browse files on a linux box properly so without screwing anything up I'm slowly trying to resolve this issue but taking baby steps.

  6. xrayolc

    xrayolc New Member

    is it possible that the problem is not profile-related? you said something about different layouts - maybe its client-related?
    If it has something to do with samba: there are samba profiles - check
    /var/lib/samba/profiles (path may differ) and the smb.conf

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