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Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by ramangill, Nov 1, 2007.

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    We have a file with about 10,000 lines. I would like to remove a whole line based on a pattern. For example...

    ADD TABLE "accountingprefyr_subsc"
    AREA "systemdata"
    LABEL "Accounting Preference Year"
    DUMP-NAME "acctyear"

    The 2nd line here starts with AREA "

    We have noticed that this is always on its own line. So basically the pattern should be AREA "*. * Being the wild card for whatever comes after. So when parsing through the file, whenever it finds this patterns, I would like to delete the line completly. Can someone please help me on this.
  2. ghostdog74

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    with awk

    awk '!/AREA/{print}' "file" > newfile
    mv newfile file
    with sed
    sed -i '/AREA/d' file

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