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  1. Rastus

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    I have set up my server with ISPConfig3 per the insrtuctions for Ubuntu 10.10 and everything went well.
    I established clients and FTP access for each of the web sites that I host and uploaded some html files.

    I host 4 sites:

    1 works fine and goes to the files that I uploaded.
    1 goes to the default page for ispconfig which is OK because I have not uploaded content to the site yet.
    1 goes to the index.html file in the /var/www/ directory ( I know this because it is a modified file) but the correct files are in the /var/www/ directory.
    1 site gives me a 404 error message but the correct files are in the /var/www/ directory.

    In ISPConfig3, all of the sites are set up the same with
    domain is set to
    and auto-subdomain is set to www.

    Clearly I have screwed something up.
    I would appreciate any suggestions to figure this out.

    Additionally, when I look at the /var/www/clients directory, there are 4 clients but I only have 3 clients in ISPConfig. Client0 has lots of web directories but does not seem to be an active client.??

    Another thing, when I upload files via the FTP logins that I made for each site, the files default upload to the /var/www/ directory not the /var/www/ directory and if I try to upload to the /var/www/ directory it says that I am not allowed to do that.???

    If I log in with the FTP user ID set up for a specific client should that not take me to the default directory when I log in or do I need to specify the /web directory?

    Sorry for the list of questions but I have been working on it and searching the forums with little success.
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  2. Rastus

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    I should start all over.

    If the first post didn't make much sense, there is a reason for that.

    I had some DNS issues which were causing part of the problem.

    That is fixed but the following problem remains:

    I have 4 sites on an ISPConfig3 server.

    3 work normally (now that I fixed the DNS) but one is giving me the 404 error:
    I have checked the DNS for this site and it is OK. Why would it give me this error?

    Lord, This is getting to be a long thread and it is all me.... Talk about needing to get a life....
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  3. Rastus

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    Another thing

    Just to keep this long post going:

    When I check the Apache log for errors I get this
    That suggests to me that there is a PHP error in my ISPConfig3 setup.

    It occurs to me about now that I may just be making things worse by continuing to muck about with them. ;) I certainly hope that is not the case.
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  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Thats a notice and not a error and this notice is absolutely ok. You see this because there are wrong error reporting settings configured in your php.ini file. Notices should be disabled on production systems as they are debug messages for developers.

    No, you have to set the web directory as default in your ftp client or switch to web if you want to upload to web. If ispconfig would direct you to the web folder, then all other files and folders in the website would become inaccessible by FTP. A website is more then the web folder.

    check the apache error log of the website (and not the global error.log). You will find the reason for the error there.
  5. Rastus

    Rastus New Member

    Still more

    OK TIll,
    thanks for your reply.
    the error log for that site says

    I have no idea what this means.

    I checked the directory and there is no file named .htaccess but I checked one of the directories of a working site and I don't see the file there either.

    Deleted the site, made a new site and uploaded the site documents and it works.
    I may never know why but I am Happy!
    THanks Till
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