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    As I remember running ISPConfig for last 2 years, my server by default when typing (public IP of server) returned some default web page, telling there's nothing here.

    But now, all of the sudden (maybe after upgrading to ISPConfig or after adding another public IP address...I don't know) my server returns this content under


    Any idea why?
    How did it get set to site ID 94? It is nothing special wit this web site, not the first, not last web site. There are web site IDs from 1 to 200, why 94?
    Also client 8 is nothing special, no special features. It's just one of the many.
    ...hmmmm...the only corelation to web site ID 94 I see is that the DOMAIN of this web ID is the first on the top by alphabet, so it is also the first symlink in /var/www/ directory. Might it be because of that returning this site as default?

    And how to reset it back to default?
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    ISPConfig, or better, Apache, shows the first site by alphabetical order if no default site is set. So the solution is to create a web site to be on the top by alphabetical order, regardless the name, for example:

    Put the index.html there and it will be shown if user types in IP address of the server.

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