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    V. Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier, MySQL (Deb. Etch) Relay Mails to outside?


    I followed the specified howto until my aim is reached:

    This aim was just the mail-server, without spam/antivirus solution.
    So: pages one to three.

    I receive mails without any problems, but:
    I just can't send mails from outlook or any other client to outside. Outside means: Other domains, not hosted by this server.
    If I use squirrelmail for sending mails to other domains, it works without any problems to, like receiving them.
    I tried other settings in /etc/pam.d/smtp, I tried postfix not running chrooted (smtpd). But nothing works.
    Has anybody suggestions, to remove this error? I DO NOT want an open relay server, but who want this?

    I want to authenticate with my credentials, so: email-adress and the password. I don't want pop before smtp, because I'm using imap.

    If any logs/configs are required, please let me know, i'll post them.

    edit: I tried some things from this page, too: /edit

    Can anybody help me?

    ps: sorry for my english, I'm native german.
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  2. falko

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    Any errors in your mail log?
    Did you enable "Server requires authentication" in your email client?
  3. phpmysqlfreak

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    There were only the same messages, i received with outlook. Just the times, PID, and so on where displayed.

    But I got it working know, but don't know how. oO (i'm just reading many stuff about postfix' and sasl-auth.)

    And yes, that was the first i checked. ;)

    I'm currently testing the server, not to be an open-relaying one.

    Thanks - "Trotzdem Danke ;)"

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