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  1. I'm trying to set up a wildcard certificate in Apache for all Vhost.
    But I didn't want to configure each vhost as traditionally. I'm trying to do this via 000-default.conf

    When a website without a certificate accesses through https, it opens with a certificate already, but the problem goes to DocumentRoot / var / www / html

    I was wondering if you have any variables to configure and that each site would open its vhost
    All of this in the 000-defaul.conf
    All other sites already have their configuration to open the docroot now, but only through port 80
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    If using ISPConfig, it doesn't work that way. If you simply want each site to answer https with an invalid certificate, go to the ssl tab of each site and generate a self-signed certificate.

    If manually configuring apache (without ispconfig), you can have a default ssl vhost, but all site names which use it will use the same document root. You could configure the certificate file paths in a global server config, but you'll still need virtualhost definitions to set the document root and other things.
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  3. I have a wildcard certificate.

    At the moment I gave up, and I am configuring the same wildcard certificate on each Vhost.

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